Is deploying overnight necessary?
October 23, 2011

“Deployment.  Production Push.  Go Live.  Rollout.  Whatever you call the process of turning your development codebase into a live, production application, I sincerely hope you’re not living in the Stone Age and doing it in the middle of the night under the guise of avoiding customer impact.”

These are some of the things discussed in the following article:

Why are you still deploying overnight?

The author Brian Crescimanno explains why deploying a new application overnight is something related to stoneage and some new techniques should be adopted to avoid this. I completely agree that developers should change the way they do this kind of job and I also agree that there should be a much more strong collaboration between QA and developers, but what often happens depends also on the company size and what the company management decides to do. Imagine a big insurance company or a financial bank that decides to release a new version of their home banking application. Doing this during working hours could lead to some inefficiencies and interruptions of the service with important consequences on the company even if doing it at night could not let developers identify bugs until a certain amount of operations have been made on the web app. So what I think is that the ruled quoted by Brian “Release early, release often” with some of the tips he gives in his article, could help finding what’s the best deploying technique for a company.


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