TinyShell, ssh like access to your website
October 17, 2011

If you don’t have any ssh access to your webserver and you want to access it remotely without using an ftp client, you could take into account using TinyShell. It’s really easy to install:

    1. Download it from here
    2. Unzip the content, create a folder called tinyshell on your webserver and upload all the files there
    3. Open the config-example.php file and insert your credentials there
    4. Rename the file config.php
    5. Open your favourite browser and type www.yourdomain.example/tinyshell and insert username and password
    6. And Voila! You have a command line like access to your server
Typing help gives you a list of all the available commands, such as mkdir, rm, rmdir. It’s also shipped with a native mysql  command line interface  to access your MySql database. You can change themes using the command theme nameoftheme and some basic *nix keyboard actions such as command autocomplete using TAB, ARROW UP for the previous one and so on, are directly built in.
IMHO Tiny Shell it’s a nice web application that could help managing your web server without having a shell access to it.


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