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I wanted to write a small article on how to fix “Shellshock” bug on Apple OSX, but there are many around the net. I found this one on ReadWrite and I think that it’s well written and easy to understand! “Apple is aware of the bash “Shellshock” bug that affects OS X users, and issued […]

Linux tips
Damaged package tip
November 16, 2013

Hello folks, Just a small Ubuntu tip for all of you. If for some reason while you installing some update,  something goes wrong and you get an error due rto damaged packages, opne the terminal and try this: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list sudo apt-get update This removes the sources list and updates it. Now you should […]

Install Solr Search on Ubuntu
October 19, 2013

Hello to everyone, I’d like to share with you the procedure I use to install Apache Solr search server on my Ubuntu machine. Apache Solr is, as indicated on the official website “Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. ”  It is written in Java so that […]


Last week I upgraded my distro from 11.10 to 12.04 without any problem. After the first update  I went to work and I couldn’t reach any website, the only thing I could do was connecting to my office LAN. What happened is that Ubuntu team changed the way of DNS resolving; practically before 12.04 you […]

Rfkill blocks network manager
December 8, 2012

Sometimes happens that right clicking the network manager tray icon, the option to enable the wi-fi is not selectable; this arises because of the hardware switch or because of a soft block of the wi-fi device caused by some system bug ( a  faulty driver or other kernel module can lead to connectivity loss) . The solution […]

Linux tips
Add a package public key
November 11, 2012

During an upgrade using apt-get, could happen that some packages can’t be authenticated due to the lack of the public key. To solve the problem just use the following command in your terminal , substituting to xxxxx the missing key! sudo apt-key adv –recv-keys –keyserver xxxxx And that’s all!! Enjoy!

Linux tips
Install multiple Firefox on Ubuntu
October 15, 2012

Hello folks, working as a web developer, I have  to test my code on older Firefox versions or, just for fun, I want to test browser’s beta version so,  I need to install different versions of it on my computer. If you need something like this, follow these steps and it will be as easy […]

Remove MySql from Ubuntu Startup
November 27, 2011

As a developer, sometimes I need to run some CMS on my laptop, so I installed what is, in my opinion, the best combination to run a website Apache and MySql, but why do I need Mysql on startup? It’s unnecessary, so let’s remove from our machine startup: First of all, open the mysql configuration […]

Linux tips

If you tried Ubuntu on a live Cd everything works out of the box. Some problems could arise after installing the operating systems and sometimes network manager is not able to manage the wifi connections. This happens because Network Manager doesn’t manage network interfaces by default, but expects for some other application to do it […]

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