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Javascript tips
Cross browser confirmation dialog box
October 29, 2011

When you need a confirmation dialog box, most of you use window.confirm(‘something’). This is not really cross-browser, since Chrome displays a simple alert. To avoid this use confirm(‘something’), and magically everything will start working as expected.

Are you a bad programmer?
October 29, 2011

I found a nice interesting article that tries to give a programmer some methods to improve his way of working, by means of a series of funny small tests about what a programmer does in some situations. The article is well written and, if your ego is not hurt by it, you can find a […]

Twitter tips
Add Twitter @anywhere to your blog
October 16, 2011

I just added some Twitter features to my blog following this great guide: Thanks guys at @wpbeginner you did a great guide! Enjoy!

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