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Simple Ruby Tip – Return Multiple Values
September 16, 2017

Return Multiple Values As many of you already know, everything in Ruby is an object so, when you create a method, it actually returns an object. What I want to show here is how to return multiple values (multiple objects) out of a Ruby function. Unfortunately Ruby does not support the returning of multiple objects, […]

Javascript Tip of the day
February 26, 2015

Javascript tip of the day Hello folks, I want to share with you my Javascript tip of the day. Have you ever wondered how to unselect a selected value in a dropdown lis using JQuery? Really simple: $("option:selected").prop("selected", false); Nice uh? Nice and simple! But wait, here is another Javascript tip of the day! What […]

Ruby tip of the day
July 4, 2014

Hi folks! Have you ever thought about removing new line “\n” and all whitespaces  from a string? The magic we need is in  Ruby  “gsub” function: " My string\n ".gsub("\n","").strip the first gsub removes all newline characters while the second one removes all whitespaces; so the result will be   Mystring isn’t it simple? If […]

Javascript tips
JQuery tip of the day
April 21, 2014

Do you want to select an element without knowing it’s complete ID using JQuery? There is a useful feature available using wildcards and regexp: search an element whose id starts with:  $(“[id^=’+prefix+’]”) search an element whose id ends with:  $(“[id$=’+prefix+’]”) Enjoy!!

Javascript tips

Hello folks, I know I don’t have a frequent blogging experience, but  my second son just arrived and being a dad is not so easy so, I didn’t have too much time to write. During the small amount of time left , I tried out Node.js a powerful platform built on Chrome JavaScript’s runtime, which […]

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