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Shellshock bug Here’s How To Patch It – ReadWrite
September 27, 2014

I wanted to write a small article on how to fix “Shellshock” bug on Apple OSX, but there are many around the net. I found this one on ReadWrite and I think that it’s well written and easy to understand!

“Apple is aware of the bash “Shellshock” bug that affects OS X users, and issued a statement to say that the “vast majority” of Mac users should remain unaffected..”

via The Bash Bug Makes Every Mac Vulnerable; Here’s How To Patch It – ReadWrite.


For Ubuntu users just open your terminal and write:

sudo apt-get update



sudo apt-get upgrade bash

Just remember that the released fix doesn’t completely solve the problem, there are some variations of the bug that could be used by an attacker.

More news to come soon!


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