Rfkill blocks network manager
December 8, 2012


Sometimes happens that right clicking the network manager tray icon, the option to enable the wi-fi is not selectable; this arises because of the hardware switch or because of a soft block of the wi-fi device caused by some system bug ( a  faulty driver or other kernel module can lead to connectivity loss) . The solution is easy:

  1. Connect to the Internet using a cable
  2. if not installed, install rfkill using
    sudo apt-get install rfkill
  3. using the newly installed tool type
    rfkill list

    This command will output a list of all the wireless devices,their codes and their statuses, telling you if some of them has been blocked. If the block is a soft one (means caused by software) just type

    rfkill unblock all

    to unblock all the devices, otherwise just use:

    rfkill unblock device_code (the one from the previous list)

    to unblock one device.

  4. if the block is a hard one, try to find out where the switch has been placed and use it.
And “That’s all folks”!!

Enjoy Ubuntu!!



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