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If anyone wants to install  and try Phusion Passenger (an application server for Ruby, Python and Node.js) with Apache ( aka ModRails ), I would like to point out this nice guide : The only thing I changed is where the guide says to protect the user created file “passenger.list” with chmod 600.Since this […]


Hello folks, As a first small project with the Pi, I decided to do something really really simple, tweeting some system information with a time interval. Problem: Programming Language How to get system info How to have an authorization key How to schedule the script Solution:

Linux tips
Raspberry Pi first approach
January 3, 2014

Hello folks, This Christmas I received what I believe to be the best present in years: a brand new Raspberry Pi model B: a small, low cost, credit card size computer, with no case and internal clock. Since at home I do not have any pc monitor or modern TV,I decided to connect it using […]

Linux tips
Damaged package tip
November 16, 2013

Hello folks, Just a small Ubuntu tip for all of you. If for some reason while you installing some update,  something goes wrong and you get an error due rto damaged packages, opne the terminal and try this: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list sudo apt-get update This removes the sources list and updates it. Now you should […]

Install Solr Search on Ubuntu
October 19, 2013

Hello to everyone, I’d like to share with you the procedure I use to install Apache Solr search server on my Ubuntu machine. Apache Solr is, as indicated on the official website “Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. ”  It is written in Java so that […]

Javascript tips

Hello folks, Today I’d like to talk about how I used jQuery , HTML and  CSS  to build a simple slide show. Obviously this is only a wire frame so, it’s up to you making it beautiful!! So, open your favourite editor and let’s start. The problem: At job I had to display a bunch […]

Linux tips

QUICK UPDATE:  All the stuff written here still works for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 13.10 Hello folks! With this post I would like to share with you how I set up  a vpn IPSEC-PSK client on Ubuntu 12.10 with Openswan, to connect to a Fortigate 110c. My environment: Ubuntu 12.10 Fortigate 110c setup info Openswan version […]

Linux tips
Check a user’s group in Ubuntu
August 21, 2013

Hello folks, Sometimes you need to verify if your user belongs to a group with the right permissions to perform a task; this is easily done in the following way: Open a shell type the following code groups this command will show you the groups you belong to (it defaults to the logged user). You […]


Hi folks, I’d like to talk about how to draw simple curve using HTML5 Canvas element, a little bit of basic math and JavaScript with some animation. The example is based one I found on a book I’m reading right now: HTML5 for publishers from which I took the code to draw the Cartesian grid. […]

Javascript tips

Hello folks, I know I don’t have a frequent blogging experience, but  my second son just arrived and being a dad is not so easy so, I didn’t have too much time to write. During the small amount of time left , I tried out Node.js a powerful platform built on Chrome JavaScript’s runtime, which […]

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